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Experimental and Feminist Philosophy

We are currently inviting applicants for a workshop series on x-phi and feminist philosophy. Here is the CFP poster.

Workshop Details

A small group of applicants will meet twice over the course of 2021, first on May 7-8, and then again in late June. The aim of the workshops is to inspire a cohort of socially-oriented philosophers to engage more closely with experimental work by giving them an opportunity to design and conduct their first philosophically significant experiment.

Both workshops will be online.

The May workshops will begin with a panel on experimental and empirical methods in philosophy, as well as the intersection between feminist philosophy, broadly construed, and x-phi. Confirmed panelists are Serene Khader (CUNY), Pascale Willemsen (Zurich), Germine Gigi Awad (UT Austin) and Jesse Prinz (CUNY). Jordan Wylie (CUNY) will also run a crash course in experimental design, with a special focus on survey studies. The second day will be dedicated to workshopping participants' ideas into full-blown experimental designs.

The workshop in June will be dedicated to data interpretation, and will give participants an introduction to the kinds of statistical analyses required to work their studies up into publishable papers. 


Between workshops, participants will are invited to join the CUNY Graduate Center's bi-monthly X-Phi Lab, organized by Jesse Prinz and currently running online. 

Why Apply?

  • Participants will add new quantitative methods to their methodological repertoires. This will help them engage meaningfully with the sciences in their research, as well as make them more competitive candidates for non-academic jobs.

  • Participants will gain skills that will help them engage critically with other empirical work relevant to philosophy, like psychology and the social sciences

  • Participants will gain ability to teach x-phi as part of an introductory course in philosophy

  • Upon completion of the workshops, PIs and collaborating participants can expect to have a publishable experimental study.

How to Apply:

We are accepting two kinds of application:

Type 1: Principal Investigator (PI). PIs will receive a small stipend, and have the cost of their experiments fully covered. Application materials:

  1. A one page statement of motivation

  2. Details of the research question or area that you believe would benefit from empirical or experimental methods, and which you anticipate pursuing in the workshops (1-2 pages)

  3. A diversity statement of up to one page (optional)

  4. Specification of which dates you anticipate being unavailable in June and July of 2021.

  5. An indication of whether you would be willing to attend as a Participant, instead of PI. 

Type 2: Participant. Participants will join both days of the workshop, and will have the opportunity to collaborate (if they want) with PIs. Application materials:

  1. A one page statement of motivation

  2. A diversity statement of up to one page (optional)

  3. Specification of which dates you anticipate being unavailable in June and July of 2021.

All prospective applicants will be graduate or undergraduate students with a background or interest in feminist philosophy, broadly construed, who also have an interest in x-phi but little to no experience in with empirical methods.

All application materials and questions should be sent, in a single PDF document, to &

Applications close April 15th.

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